Governance Framework

Governance Framework Implementation

Partners Consult has developed a practical and pragmatic Information Security Governance Framework. Our framework or parts thereof have been successfully implemented and deployed at various organisations, in various geographical regions and industries. Whether you’re looking to establish a foundation for Information & Cyber Security Governance or whether you wish to govern specific areas, such as system and infrastructure security, application development, identity and access management, vulnerability management, incident identification and response, cryptography, etc. we can help you clearly articulate your expectations in governance documents.

We continuously improve and practically validate our governance documents, including our mandates, charters, strategies, policies, standards, procedures, processes, guidelines, etc. Our governance documents are based on universal principles and are logically structured. Therefore, regardless of your governance drivers (PCI DSS, ISO27000-series, CIS Controls, NIST, etc.), we can provide you with fit-for-purpose and logically structured documentation to govern your business. As our documents are based on universal principals, instead of any individual industry standard, they stand the test of time even if you decide to change your primary drivers in future.

A governance document is also only as good as the Implementation Plan accompanying it. If you do not create awareness, train and upskill your people resources correctly, implement technical controls correctly or measure your implementation success, the document may as well be shoved in a cupboard. Our detailed and pragmatic Implementation Plans ensure deployment of governance documents come to practical fruition. We can also assist to upskill your teams (developers, system administrators, etc.) with specialised security training to ensure they are equipped to achieve the requirements set in governance documents. Our Implementation Plans also define how success should be measured.

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Security Training

Specialised Security Training

We provide specialised security training for a range of areas, presented by our skilled and experienced practitioners. For example, we’ve helped various developer teams better understand the defensive secure coding techniques to implement when writing application code. Our courses don’t aim to teach your developers to hack applications, but rather to provide a foundation for defending against common application security flaws. We provide similar specialised training for system administrators to improve their security practices, and more.